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Learn to meditate for happiness, improved well-being and reduce stress, anxiety & depression

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  • begin to thrive in the stress of daily living.
  • reduce anxiety and depression.
  • be better at handling negative feelings and emotions.
  • become more tolerant, patient and less judgemental.
  • become happier and contented
  • become more loving, kind and compassionate.
  • communicate better with family, friends and other people.
  • be more productive at home and in the workplace.
  • bring your ego (lower mind) under control, reducing fear.

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The Sunshine Meditation

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An introduction

from Stephen…

Excellent course I would thoroughly recommend – Stephen is reassuring and you feel special as you are preparing to go through the meditation process. Stephen’s voice is very soothing. I feel a refreshed and focused person having completed this course. I have grown in a new beneficial way. Thank you.

— Yvonne Dunkinson

Why you should

With the regular dedicated practice of daily meditation over a period of time, a myriad of positive changes will take place benefiting you and all you come into contact with.

You will reduce Stress, Stress reduction is one of the most common reasons people try meditation.

Peaceful Scenes - Meditation

Some common


Your teacher…

Stephen Smith

I’ve studied psychology and philosophy for over 30 years looking at eastern and western esoteric and modern traditions leading to a deeper understanding of the underlying cause of happiness and the dispelling of sadness, stress, anxiety or lack of self-worth, or purpose to life. I have created a technique that is simple, comprehensive and easy to apply. This simple straightforward meditation technique will enable you to strengthen your mind and be in control of your life again. It may be a simple technique but believe me when I tell you… it simply works!

Your Meditation Teacher - Stephen Smith

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I found this course really interesting and easy to pick up and understand. It felt like a one to one session at some points which was great and I felt I was given plenty of guidance along the way to make me feel more confident with meditation. I am now able to use these skills to meditate and incorporate it into my daily routine.

— Jennifer Smith

What you will learn
from this course…

Stephen teaches this simple, proven, centuries-old technique – taught to him by his teacher.

  • Stephen’s teaching of this simple proven technique to meditate successfully
  • A brief history of meditation.
  • The latest research and science.
  • Answers to the most common questions and myths
  • About your expectations and goals.v
  • How to practice Yogic breathing.
  • To relax, feeling at peace on a guided meditation.
  • The benefits of meditation.
  • What happens when you meditate.
  • How to prepare for meditation.
  • Having the confidence to meditate on your own.

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* Ratings and reviews are taken from our page from enrolled students. Rating correct as of 03/05/21.