by Stephen Smith

Your Meditation Teacher - Stephen Smith

Hi, my name is Stephen Smith. Father of two, town-dweller turned countryside man, lifetime student of psychology and philosophy, with 30+ years’ experience of teaching meditation. Music also plays a big part in my life, living just 10 minutes from the legendary Glastonbury festival in Somerset, I have made a promise to myself that if AC/DC or the Gallagher brothers reunite as Oasis I’ll be the first one there.

My journey with meditation mirrors how most of my students begin: with a curiosity and longing for something more. To be honest, for a while I found life to be limiting, repetitive and I was stuck in the same old routine. In a search for something more, I began reading books about Tibetan mystics living in the Himalayas and their quests with meditation. This excited me more than anything I had ever read, and I began my meditation journey. Wow I was not wrong… my life was about to change. I started to control the reigns of my negative mind, and my usual “I can’t” mindset began to transform to “I can!”. Today I no longer feel controlled by my fluctuating thoughts or emotions, and I’ve found an incredible peace and focus through regular meditation.

I truly believe that everyone has the ability to meditate and transform their lives. The results I’ve seen with my students who’ve learned how to tackle their anxiety, stress levels and negative thoughts, and are now building and strengthening their mind… it is simply remarkable! This is the reason why I’m so passionate about sharing my simple meditation techniques in these courses. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to strengthen your practice, we’ve created a course for you.

Life is to be enjoyed, let’s begin with meditation!

Stephen Smith

Stephen is reassuring and you feel special as you are preparing to go through the meditation process. Stephen’s voice is very soothing. I feel a refreshed and focused person having completed this course. I have grown in a new beneficial way. Thank you.

— Yvonne Dunkinson

Meditation Teacher

Meditation teacher Stephen Smith has over 30+ years of experience teaching students across the world at all different levels. Leading in-person meditation courses, speaking at conferences, and hosting one-to-one sessions – Stephen’s experience with teaching meditation is wildly spread.
Dedicating his life to his ongoing studies in psychology and philosophy, specialising in Eastern and Western esoteric and modern traditions. Over the years Stephen has honed in on deepening his understanding of the underlying causes of happiness and dispelling of sadness, lack of self-worth and purpose to life.
Through extensive studying and decades as a meditation teacher, Stephen has now created simple and straightforward online meditation courses supported by the team at Think Right Be Right – catering to both beginners and advanced students wishing to enhance their journey with meditation.

Stephen Smith Teaching

Steven is a very engaging and knowledgable instructor – really enjoying the course and I’m getting addicted to meditation!!!

— Anne Jacobs

With some of my students through the years…

Stephen with students
Stephen with students
Stephen with students

Given where we all are at the moment, I found this course really, really helpful. It has made me see things from a different perspective. First class, Stephen. Well done.

— Paul Stickler

As a beginner to meditation I found this really useful. It has taught me to relax and focus my mind during turbulent times. Highly recommended!

— Gavin McGough

I am so pleased to have found this course. It has transformed my health and mind. Thank you for everything!

— Nick Michell

We Believe…

A group of people meditating

can meditate

We believe that everyone has the ability to meditate. It doesn’t have to be scary, difficult, or spiritual. With one simple breath at a time, everyone can begin to establish a simple meditation practice that works with their lifestyle.

A very happy young lady

The source of happiness
is within you

Look inward and you’ll find your truest self. With meditation you’ll begin to understand your own mind and body. No external joy truly matters until we feel aligned with who we are on the inside.

Unlock your mind

Meditation is a key to unlock and transform your mind

To transform your mind, reduce your anxiety, depression, and negative thoughts, we must allow space to breathe through it and process. We believe that with meditation you will begin to understand your mind and self. Meditation will help you reveal your true potential.

An introduction

from Stephen…