A focus on…

We take a closer look at the cause of some common issues and how they can be helped…


A focus on… Depression It’s time to step out of the darkness and into the light… Diet. Exercise. Think Right, Be Right. If you tick these 3 boxes your road to recovery has begun. Over 322 Million people worldwide* experience depression and it’s growing, so what’s going wrong? It’s stated that more than twice the…


A focus on… Stress It is linked to tens-of-thousands of people dying in the UK each year. So what are we doing wrong? Why is stress taking such a toll on our health? First of all, rest assured that if you’re stressed, you are not alone. Everybody experiences stress at least once in their life.…


A focus on… Loneliness Studies have shown loneliness shortens your lifespan, knocking years off your life. So, can being alone seriously damage our health? The evidence seems to support this hypothesis. A recent study says feeling loneliness for a period of time can raise your risk of early death by a staggering 29% * but…

10 Life-Changing Reasons
to Meditate…

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue
  • Enhance creativity and collaboration
  • Foster self-awareness
  • Sharpen focus and concentration
  • Cultivate a sense of calm and grounding
  • Boost energy levels
  • Quiet negative thoughts
  • Achieve better sleep
  • Deepen relationships (both with yourself and others)
  • Increase overall happiness, life-satisfaction and wellbeing!
Life is to be enjoyed – Let’s begin with mediation today!